Cara’s Kittens are doing really well

Barbara sent me these lovely pictures taken by her daughter Sarah.  As you can see the kittens are doing really, really well.  She has a boy and a girl – I think the yawning kitten is the boy and the one being very cute is the girl, but I’m not 100% sure!

Kyomi Kalyani – another piccie

Kyomi Kalyani

Kyomi Kalyani

Sue sent a couple more pictures.  This is the one where she is the star, and if you look carefully you can see that Lulu has been chewing their whiskers – they are short stubby little things at present.

This was taken on the 16th October.

Announcing Kyomi Kalyani

Kyomi Kalyani

Kyomi Kalyani

Kyomi Kalyani is a Caramel Oriental and hopefully will be my new breeding queen. 

Kalyani is an Indian name meaning …. beautiful, blissful, blessed, fortunate, auspiscious, also the name of a goddess!! Lets hope she can live up to this name!!!

Lots of thanks to Sue for her.  She is still with Sue at present and will be joining me in early November when she is 13 weeks old.  She doesn’t have a pet name yet, that will come once she is settling in here.

Her dad is CJ, Sue’s Havana stud, and her mum is Lulu, a beautiful seal-point Siamese.  Here she is with her litter mate, a seal-point Siamese.

Kittens have arrived

After a traumatic time, Cara has two healthy kittens.

Sadly she needed a section, and it turned out she had a lot of fluid rather than kittens making her so huge.  One of the kittens had a sticky start, but with lots of care from both Barbara and Cara he started suckling from Cara.  Both are growing well, their eyes are opening and hopefully I’ll have some photos of them next week.

Cara as ever is being a terrific mum.