Micha is so handsome



Wynne kindly sent some photos of Micha, who is not only very handsome (and he knows it) but very naughty as well. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Micha is so handsome

  1. Yes he is very naughty, his list of mayhem continues. He got two fresh, cooling loaves down from the rack and he and the 2 pugs gorged themselves on them!!!!!!!! 3 very bloated tums!!!!
    We thin k he is also a Retriever!!!!!! Yes he has a very favourite ”teddy bear ear” which he carries around everywhere with him. It looks like he has a brown beard!!!!!!!!!!! but he brings it to us and we have to throw it for him and of he goes and brings it straight back and drops it at your feet, then he has to dive on it round the ankles!!!! and ”kill” it then we have to throw it again for him. He brings it to me in the bedroom every morning and drops it on me. Not a very nice wake-up call a slightly damp,nearly bald teddy ear, But then he switches on his two stroke engine and purrs away and has his hug and kiss to start the day of well. He is such a loving boy we love him to bits, so we excuse his little foibles!!!! sometimes!!!! Thanks Barbara for such a delight, but beware anyone who has a Amun kitten in the future, they are terrors. Luv Wynne and Micha

  2. Minnie, at last some sense. I have been trying to get that through to these 2 , They say they are Mum and Dad but I am sure my Mum had whiskers and felt furrier than this one, but hey ho! she feeds me , gives me cuddles and plays so who am I to argue. Mum it is, well they think I am ”naughty ”, what does that mean. I am just being a typical Siamese! can’t do it any other way. Take this morning for instance, there I was in the bathroom and I saw this dangly thing, so what is a siamese supposed to do, yes I swung of it and guess what? it just kept on coming and coming but ”Mum” shrieked something about toilet roll, but I thought it made a nice feature in the middle of the bathroom all piled high and fluffy!!! and I could dive in it and chase the phantoms and it was great but I got booted out and the door was closed and I’m sure I heard a ”naughty” word muttered. Oh its ok for them to be naughty but not me!! Were is the justice!!! Well I am now sulking ,so no doubt there will be an apology later and maybe some grub. I’ll have a nap till then, Bye for now.. MICHA

  3. So good to hear you are a typical Siamese. Me and Max, we are typical Orientals – pretty much the same. My slave, she keeps the nice food in the fridge and I jump in to try to get some whenever the door is open. Sometimes she leaves the door open then I can drag it out and help myself.

    But those two – calling themselves Mum & Dad – do they know their place? They are staff, or slaves. Mine is really well-trained, so good I even let her sleep in my bed – the big huge one. Dunno why she shrieked the other day, all I did was leap onto the back of a chair where her finger was.

    MINNIE (Max ain’t so bright, he can’t send his own messages)

    PS I got a really cool tricky, I jump up from the floor to her chest when I really want a cuddle. If she doesn’t catch me I cling on. 😀

  4. hello there, I’m sorry I have not been on the laptop for a while I have been getting used to THIS WEATHER!!!!!!!! We were supposed to be of to the Trans Pennine show today, but Mum could not get the van of road. We live right under ROOLEY Moor and it is very high,so Mum and Dad had to dig the van out, it had been snowing all night. I have to keep warm and have found a super place to park my tail!!!! so to speak. they have a multi fuel stove and do you know…..I can just get myself and my ears and tail right under it ,it is soooooooooooo snug!!! So I have stayed here all day but I hear,throught the grape vine, that that new kitten of Barbara,s has done very well at the show!!!! Well done!!! just be glad I was not in attendance today. As my Mum says I am the most gorgeous kitten she has ever seen!!!! I try not to get big headed and I know she loves me but I got a glimpse of myself in a mirrror the other day and I must say I was impressed!!!! Thought it was some stranger that had got in!! but no it was me!!!Oh well I will finish now as I have an ear to chase and then its fish for supper tonight. I tried a bit of ADVOCAT today and it was very yummy!! But do you know I also have 2 new cats here as well they are the doubles of Zues and Ra and sit exactly at the side of them, and look a bit ”wavy” Oh well bye for now… MICHA

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