All grown up now…



I got all grown up and I left home!  Lots of weeping and wailing from them at home, and I miss cuddling up to my mum, but it’s lovely here and there’s another big cat and a lap for me to sit on and a warm bed and lots to eat and and and…


kitty the bad mystic cat

hi all, well if you want an absolutely hilarious few minutes go to GOOGLE and key in ”YOUTUBE KITTY THE BAD MYSTIC CAT” There you will see the most glorious Siamese!!!!!!!!!! have  look it really is worth the trouble.

 I have not been on the laptop for a while as I chewed through the wire!!!! and I have been threatened with all kinds of horrid things if I ever do it again….. something like having my ”whatsits cut off” if they already !!!!  don’t know what she’s talking about,well not talking!  screaming is a better description. Also this week they have been dangling things in front of me, all glittery and flashing,, then telling me to ”leave them ALONE”  whats a cat to do? they said there is a ”tree” but it’s stopping up the attic and I went up to have a look at this ”tree” and then I couldn’t get down the stairs ,, stranded,, and sooooooooooo, I had to howl to let Mum know I was stuck and she is now calling me a BANSHEE, what’s that? I am one confused cat this week.  So I am now on my best behaviour  [or so they think]  and I will have to pretend a bit longer. I also have now to tell you all ”HAVE A NICE ONE” Mum says and I should get of now so BYE FOR NOW,,, LUV MICAH

Cat needed a home!

I have a lovely tabby & white long-hair cat living in my cattery.  She turned up in the garden, she isn’t chipped, no collar or sign of one, no-one knows where she has come from, and she hasn’t been reported missing to the local vets and rescues.

The vet thinks she is 2-3 years old, and she is very friendly and chatty.  If you are interested in giving her a new forever home, please contact me.


Sasha has a new home and seems to be settling in really well.

She said I am “a bit round in the tummy department”!!!



That nice lady who cuddled and cooed at me the other week has been telling horrible lies – she says I am plump!  No, I’m perfectly cuddlitious, adorably cuddlesome, the cutest thing going (drat that kitten) and in training to become another Minx.  So there!

PS here’s me again, just in case you were forgetting how delicious I am.  🙂

Minnie says:  That nice lady was very nice about you!  “Quality kitten”, “Pretty little Person”.  and yet you moan!  Your adoring public can read it on the GCCF web site, about 3/4 of the way down.

My Big Day Out!



Kali writes:  I had a big day out!  It was wicked!  Lots of people in white coats made a bit fuss of me and told me how clever I was and what a nice girl I am and how lovely I am and how well I behaved.  Then both of my staff (had an extra one for some reason) made another big fuss so I purred to reward them.  But I made sure they didn’t forget about me in the car – I talked to them all the way there and back.  🙂  My staff tell my I won my Open Class (whatever that is) and got a Best of Breed as well.   There was a lady taking photos as well and she took me!  I was extra special good to her, I kept trying to give her purrs and kisses.  Everyone loved me!  Was very tired when I got back home though.  Thought I was going to meet Micha but he wasn’t there.  He would have fallen at my feet.  Also, something horrible happened after I got home.  Someone let a kitten in!  It is cuter than me!  That CANNOT be allowed.

Minnie comments: She was a right pain all the way there and back.  Yeowl, yeowl, yeowl and she clawed my staff as well.  I am such a good girl in comparison – I only talk a bit for an hour or so!  BTW she went to the Trans Penine Oriental and Siamese Cat Club (TPOSCC) show in Stockport.  She won her Open Class (Caramel kitten), and got two seconds and a third in large side classes.