My Big Day Out!



Kali writes:  I had a big day out!  It was wicked!  Lots of people in white coats made a bit fuss of me and told me how clever I was and what a nice girl I am and how lovely I am and how well I behaved.  Then both of my staff (had an extra one for some reason) made another big fuss so I purred to reward them.  But I made sure they didn’t forget about me in the car – I talked to them all the way there and back.  🙂  My staff tell my I won my Open Class (whatever that is) and got a Best of Breed as well.   There was a lady taking photos as well and she took me!  I was extra special good to her, I kept trying to give her purrs and kisses.  Everyone loved me!  Was very tired when I got back home though.  Thought I was going to meet Micha but he wasn’t there.  He would have fallen at my feet.  Also, something horrible happened after I got home.  Someone let a kitten in!  It is cuter than me!  That CANNOT be allowed.

Minnie comments: She was a right pain all the way there and back.  Yeowl, yeowl, yeowl and she clawed my staff as well.  I am such a good girl in comparison – I only talk a bit for an hour or so!  BTW she went to the Trans Penine Oriental and Siamese Cat Club (TPOSCC) show in Stockport.  She won her Open Class (Caramel kitten), and got two seconds and a third in large side classes.


One thought on “My Big Day Out!

  1. Hi Peeps, Micha here!!!!! I’m going all ”trendy” as Mums 2 grandaughters have been over and taught me some new stuff….. EVIL!!!!! But Mum said I am evil enough, so cut it out, or ELSE!!!
    I tried to do an e.mail tonight,was only helping but OH NO!!! I was whisked of the machine and deposited on Dads knee with instructions of”KEEP HIM THERE”
    Little does she know that earlier I had a taste of the christmas cake icing, and I left lovely patterns on it. Wait till she sees that, better hide under the stove and be all innocent,blame the other 2 boys. Poor chumps! I have actually been outside today as we had the door open for a change, the white stuff is still on the ground but I sat on my climbing frame and watched the Sea Gulls swooping around the sheep food, have’nt managed to try that yet. SWOOPING or the SHEEP FOOD!!! HA HA. but I will give it a go when I can. My teddy ear is looking a little bald now and rather wet, Mum says its me but I don’t think so, it’ll be Ra as he is a bit wet!!! get it? But I love my ear and carry it around everywhere with me I have also learnt to growl at everyone when I have it. It’s a really scary growl, I frightened my self the first time it happened and Mum says my bum is going to start smarting if I keep it up. I can’t see how my throat is going to burn my bum, do you?
    Well all PEEPS I will say B F N ,don’t know what it means but Maisie and Sandy said it as they went so there you go. They also nearly smothered me in kisses!! That was WICKED!!!!! and WELL COOL DUDE!!!! XXX MICHA

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