kitty the bad mystic cat

hi all, well if you want an absolutely hilarious few minutes go to GOOGLE and key in ”YOUTUBE KITTY THE BAD MYSTIC CAT” There you will see the most glorious Siamese!!!!!!!!!! have  look it really is worth the trouble.

 I have not been on the laptop for a while as I chewed through the wire!!!! and I have been threatened with all kinds of horrid things if I ever do it again….. something like having my ”whatsits cut off” if they already !!!!  don’t know what she’s talking about,well not talking!  screaming is a better description. Also this week they have been dangling things in front of me, all glittery and flashing,, then telling me to ”leave them ALONE”  whats a cat to do? they said there is a ”tree” but it’s stopping up the attic and I went up to have a look at this ”tree” and then I couldn’t get down the stairs ,, stranded,, and sooooooooooo, I had to howl to let Mum know I was stuck and she is now calling me a BANSHEE, what’s that? I am one confused cat this week.  So I am now on my best behaviour  [or so they think]  and I will have to pretend a bit longer. I also have now to tell you all ”HAVE A NICE ONE” Mum says and I should get of now so BYE FOR NOW,,, LUV MICAH

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