a day at the show!!!!

Well there you go!!! I thought I would never have to travel to a show again!! my Mum said if I did nothing then I would not be ”shown” again!! FAT CHANCE. There I was stuck in this cage thingy!!!! People in white coats kept dragging me out and plonked me on tables and kept holding me up, stretching me out, and cooing at me!!!! Then plonked me back in the cage, just when I thought I could go and play. I was abandoned for HOURS!!!!! but then they kept sticking things on the cage and guess what I have to go to another show now!!! WHY WAS I BORN SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! So goes the song but didn’t think it was me they were on about. I now have this thing called a Premier Certificate and Mum said I need another 2!! So I have to endure it all again and go to another show!! I am disgusted and cheesed of and that kitten in the next cage pee’d on me and I have to do all this again!!! It better be worth it Ill see if I can wrangle some treats and play the aloof show cat for a while. But then Mum went and give me a big hug and sloppy kisses and told me she doesn’t care if I win or not I am still her gorgeous boy. Soppy thing!! but it made up for being shown!!!! and I got new toys and a nice bed and some mice…… heyho! got to go, food calling, bye for now Micah!!!!!


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