I dun it again! (and more)



Went to another of those ‘show’ things yesterday. Lots more people cooed over me, got lots more red rosettes on my prison. I kept shouting to get cuddles with my slave. Then I got treated like some bundle up at the front and ended up in a different prison with blue curtains. My slave was nearly fainting by then.

Love, Saffi

Minnie writes: Saffi went to the Northern Siamese show and was Best Siamese Kitten! 

See her Results


One thought on “I dun it again! (and more)

  1. Willow sends many congratulations to his beautiful sister – he too is quite a head turner. He’s enjoying his life with Star, his new best mate. He’s also managed to train Moira up to be a fairly reasonable and obedient slave. She knows her place and is very grateful that he lets her share his double bed!

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