Still wicked…

That’s what the judge said. I didn’t want to go back in my pen! Got another of those red card thingies, it made my slave so pleased for some strange reason.

Had to share with Kaliyani on the way there and back, was a really Good Girl this time – really, really good! No singing, no dancing, no drinking, just quiet.

I’m Black not Brown!!!!!

Black Babe!

Black Babe!

New kitten here. As you can see I’m black and beautiful, not chocolate.

I’m also growing really well, I started at 97g and now I’m 3 I’m three times as much.  I squeak, I can sort of walk, I can’t run yet, I can climb with my sharp pointy little claws.  And of course I’m utterly, utterly gorgeous and everyone that see me falls in lurve.