Judge’s Reports

I have added the Open class reports to the show results pages, along with a link to the GCCF website where the originals are all to be found.  I have also added the results (except the club class) for the Trans Penine Oriental and Siamese Cat Club (TPOSCC) show.

It can take some time for the report to appear but today (28th July) they are all up-to-date.

Show Results Updated

I have added the show results for the last three shows – the Merseyside (Kali and Saffi), and the Humberside and Lincolnshire (Kali).

Kali got the first CC awarded to a Caramel Oriental at the Merseyside (thanks to Mr Hansson), and two more and the Humberside and Linolnshire shows (thanks to Dr Bennett and Mrs Harper) to become the first titled Oriental Female and hence also the first Oriental Female Champion.  She is now known as CH Kyomi Kaliyani and we are all so proud of her.

She didn’t quite make being the very first titled Caramel Oriental – that went to PR Moustaches Caramelle Twist, who is also one of the cats that helped the breed attain it’s championship status.

Loads of thanks are due to her breeder, Sue of Kyomi.

Champion Kyomi Kalyani

Kali in her pen

Kali in her pen

Kali is now the first titled female Oriental Caramel!

She went to the joint Humberside and Lincolnshire shows at the Doncaster Dome, and got her 2nd and 3rd CCs to become the first titled Oriental Caramel female.  Her breeder is absolutely thrilled, and we are absolultely thrilled.  Thanks to Sue for letting us have her, and to Mr Hanssen, Dr Bennett and Mrs Harper for the CCs.

Kyomi Siamese and Orientals

Congratulations are also due to Pr Moustaches Caramelle Twist who became the very first titled Oriental Caramel the previous week, to Champion Dedannan Treasure-Me who was in the adjacent pen to Kali and became the first male Champion.