Welcome to Amun, and the magical world of Siamese and Oriental Cats. My name is Barbara and I breed these beautiful cats. I live in Lancashire, and also have a couple of moggies and a neutered Oriental Black.

The picture is of Cara, my first breeding queen.  She is a fabulous mother and has the cutest of little beards.  🙂

Siamese and Oriental cats are the most beautiful and wonderful of cats, are usually highly intelligent, and are almost always athletic and active.  As a result, they need plenty of play and stimulation especially if there is one on it’s own.  

There are a couple of myths about Siamese and Oriental cats.  The first is that they are nasty. malevolent animals and the second is that they are waif-like and skinny.  As those who are lucky enough to meet one knows, the truth is the exact opposite – whilst they are demanding and often prima donnas (and dons!) they are mostly very affectionate and people-oriented cats, and they are usually surprisingly heavy for their size – the short fine flat coat doesn’t add to their size, unlike a typical moggie coat.

But who, you might ask, is Minnie the Minx?  She is the alter ego of Barbara’s webmistress, who has two Black Orientals from Cara’s first litter.  They are Max and Minnie and are absolutely adorable.  Max isn’t too bright and is a happy plump lad.  Minnie is so sharp she could cut herself, and a lovely mixture of Ice Queen, trouble-maker, harpy and furry purry cuddles.


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