Didn’t I do well!

Amun Scarlet O'Hara - DRX ds 23

Amun Scarlet O’Hara – DRX ds 23

My servant took me to the Manchester & District show on the 10th September, and I did really well and got a BoB!  Here is the judges report.  🙂

“Loved this little girl, she has the most endearing nature. Large tufted wide at base ears set well. She has very good width across her cheeks and a defined whisker break. Stop in profile. Very expressive Devon eye line, set well with good space between.  Slender neck, good chest and a lovely Devon stance.  She has a well balanced firm body of good substance with proportionate high limbs and a thick at base tapering tail. Her coat rexing is coming along very well, heavier at shoulders, flanks, paws and tail. A real little poppet!”

Love, Scarlet xxx