Didn’t I do well!

Amun Scarlet O'Hara - DRX ds 23

Amun Scarlet O’Hara – DRX ds 23

My servant took me to the Manchester & District show on the 10th September, and I did really well and got a BoB!  Here is the judges report.  🙂

“Loved this little girl, she has the most endearing nature. Large tufted wide at base ears set well. She has very good width across her cheeks and a defined whisker break. Stop in profile. Very expressive Devon eye line, set well with good space between.  Slender neck, good chest and a lovely Devon stance.  She has a well balanced firm body of good substance with proportionate high limbs and a thick at base tapering tail. Her coat rexing is coming along very well, heavier at shoulders, flanks, paws and tail. A real little poppet!”

Love, Scarlet xxx



Angel at the NorthWest show

My beautiful Magical Angel of Amun at the north west cat show yesterday.  Her second show and her second 1st and best of breed. Well done to my darling Angel and thanks to Audrey for letting me have this precious baby xxxx

Esme is a star!

At the recent Preston & Blackpool show, Amun Queen Esme had a stunning day! She was 1st in her Open class of three girls, and got the Bob as well despite there being three boys as well.

In addition she won all her sideclasses making it a wonderful start to her show career.

Chocolat Sundae – Chester Show result & piccies

Sundae has been shown again and once more got 1st & BoB.  This time I’ve got a couple of photos of her as well.  Enjoy!

Chocolat Sundae – Gwynedd Show Reports

Reproduced with John Harrison’s kind permission:

BOV Oriental Kitten : Master’s AMUN CHOCOLATE  SUNDAE 29  15-03-2013
What  a gorgeous kitten and at 4 months of age so very confident. Head of excellent  shape, perfectly balanced. Ears large and well set with excellent width  between, superb top of head. Green eyes of excellent size, shape and set with a  superb expression. Very good profile overall, good depth of chin and correct  nose:chin line. Long elegant body with balanced legs and tail. Short close  lying coat of excellent texture, colour an even rich brown, free from ghost  markings and almost sound to the roots. A delightful kitten shown in excellent  condition and the most delightful temperament. I predict that this is a lass we  will hear much more of in the future.


And from Janet Tonkinson:

1  & BOB MASTERS AMUN CHOCOLAT SUNDAE 29 F 15/3/13 very pretty Havana baby girl with lovely even wedge head  and large well placed flared ears. Bright emerald green oriental eyes and almost  straight profile with firm little chin and level bite. Good length of slender  body and rich warm chestnut coat  that is perhaps a fraction long at present but is beautifully sound right to  the roots. Slender little legs with dainty oval paws and long fine stringy tail,  a delightful and promising young lady.


Show brag!

Amun Chocolat Sundae was Best of Variety Oriental Kitten at the Gwynedd Cat Club show on the 20th July 2013!

Judge’s Reports

I have added the Open class reports to the show results pages, along with a link to the GCCF website where the originals are all to be found.  I have also added the results (except the club class) for the Trans Penine Oriental and Siamese Cat Club (TPOSCC) show.

It can take some time for the report to appear but today (28th July) they are all up-to-date.