Cara Rehomed

Cara went to a new home at the weekend, and seems to be settling in very well and giving her new slaves a great deal of pleasure.  She is unruffled by their other cat (an Apricot-point Siamese) and is playful and affectionate, and I heard that she was all over their daughter when she visited. 

So, though it’s so very sad to see Cara go, she has a wonderful new home where she can be happy and relaxed and that is best for her.




Cara is the big momma of the Amun cats.  Last time she had kittens she had to have a Cesarean, and was neutered at the same time.  Although she adores Mowgli and gets on with Tod and Blue, she cannot tolerate the other girls, and sadly the best thing for all of them would be a new home for Cara, as an only cat. 

If you are interested, please contact me.

A home is needed!

The little boy needs a home!  He was 6 weeks old yesterday (8th November) so will be ready just before Christmas, on the 22nd December.  And, to the *right* home, it might be possible to take Cara with him.  Contact me if you are interest in him or him and her.

The little girl is staying here as Amun Queen Isis and God willing she will make the grade as a breeding queen.

Cara’s Kittens are doing really well

Barbara sent me these lovely pictures taken by her daughter Sarah.  As you can see the kittens are doing really, really well.  She has a boy and a girl – I think the yawning kitten is the boy and the one being very cute is the girl, but I’m not 100% sure!

Kittens have arrived

After a traumatic time, Cara has two healthy kittens.

Sadly she needed a section, and it turned out she had a lot of fluid rather than kittens making her so huge.  One of the kittens had a sticky start, but with lots of care from both Barbara and Cara he started suckling from Cara.  Both are growing well, their eyes are opening and hopefully I’ll have some photos of them next week.

Cara as ever is being a terrific mum.