Just me left!

I am still looking for a wonderful home to go to.  As you can see I’m an incredibly good-looking dude, so please form an orderly queue…

Portia’s kittens have arrived

Portia had four lovely kittens last night, three Siamese and an Oriental Red who will be a boy.

Portia’s babies 27th April

Portia’s babies are just over 6 weeks old now and coming on in leaps and bounds!  They are growing well, are playful and of course are utterly adorable.

Portia’s babies 2nd April

Had to take some more photos before I left, just to confirm how cute they are and what a good mum Portia is…

Portia’s babies 1st April

Visited and they are adorable, growing well and looking great.  It’s fairly dark where they are so the photos are not of the best, but certainly show how cute they are.  You can also see they are trying to walk.  They shake and stick their tails straight out to try to balance.  Bless!