Leap Day Babies!

Bluepoint Babies

Bluepoint Babies

Saffi had two babies on 29th February, by section.  They are both blue points, one is a boy and one a girl.  They are doing really well, and she is the most attentive mum.  Dad is Mazpah’s Nic (Stenic Supersonic).


Show Results Updated

I have added the show results for the last three shows – the Merseyside (Kali and Saffi), and the Humberside and Lincolnshire (Kali).

Kali got the first CC awarded to a Caramel Oriental at the Merseyside (thanks to Mr Hansson), and two more and the Humberside and Linolnshire shows (thanks to Dr Bennett and Mrs Harper) to become the first titled Oriental Female and hence also the first Oriental Female Champion.  She is now known as CH Kyomi Kaliyani and we are all so proud of her.

She didn’t quite make being the very first titled Caramel Oriental – that went to PR Moustaches Caramelle Twist, who is also one of the cats that helped the breed attain it’s championship status.

Loads of thanks are due to her breeder, Sue of Kyomi.

Still wicked…

That’s what the judge said. I didn’t want to go back in my pen! Got another of those red card thingies, it made my slave so pleased for some strange reason.

Had to share with Kaliyani on the way there and back, was a really Good Girl this time – really, really good! No singing, no dancing, no drinking, just quiet.

I dun it again! (and more)



Went to another of those ‘show’ things yesterday. Lots more people cooed over me, got lots more red rosettes on my prison. I kept shouting to get cuddles with my slave. Then I got treated like some bundle up at the front and ended up in a different prison with blue curtains. My slave was nearly fainting by then.

Love, Saffi

Minnie writes: Saffi went to the Northern Siamese show and was Best Siamese Kitten! 

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