Just me left!

I am still looking for a wonderful home to go to.  As you can see I’m an incredibly good-looking dude, so please form an orderly queue…

Portia’s kittens have arrived

Portia had four lovely kittens last night, three Siamese and an Oriental Red who will be a boy.

Portia Pregnant :)

Pregnant Portia

Pregnant Portia

Portia visited Tom’s JJ (UK & Imperial Grand Champion Fiordiliso Infidelity) a few weeks back and now has a ravenous appetite and expanding waistline.

She is a chocolate-tortie point Siamese, he is a Havana carrying Siamese so lots of colours are possible:

  • Havanas (boys & girls)
  • Choc-point Siamese (boys & girls)
  • Chocolate-tortie Oriental girls
  • Chocolate-tortie-point Siamese girls
  • Red Oriental boys
  • Red-point Siamese boys


Kittens are due on the 14th March.

Kaliyani pregnant


Kaliyani (Ch Kyomi Kaliyani) visited Tom’s beautiful Havana boy JJ (Imp Gr Ch Fiordiliso Infidelity), and her kittens are due on the 20th January 2012, give or take a day or two. She has a rapidly expanding waistline, and also a personality transplant – all of a sudden she is cuddling up to Barbara and she let me stroke her!  Her coat is really fine, short and soft, such a delight to touch.