Rufus on a Catnip Trip

Rufus lives with Minnie and has been spending a lot of time away from home for the past few months.  Their slave has been worrying about where he has been especially when he was not seen for a week at the beginning of December 2010 when there was lots and lots of snow around.  He is a collar refusenik.

On Tuesday 1st Feb 2011 she got a phone call.  “Do you have a ginger cat?”  “Yes, have you got bad news for me?”  “No, he is safe and sound in our cattery”  Major relief!  It turns out that a neighbour thought he was a stray and was feeding him…  When eventually he took Rufus to the rescue they scanned his chip and found his slave through her mobile phone number.  Rufus is now an official time-share cat, and we keep tabs on where he is.

Max and Minnie aren’t meant to go out – except one hot summer evening when slave was recovering from major surgery she hadn’t shut the bedroom door properly and they went out.  Minnie was home the next morning, Max wasn’t.  Happily Max was found a couple of days later through leafleting, but had he ended up at a vets or rescue hopefully his chip would have brought him home.

There are also plenty of happy-ending stories on the Internet of cats and dogs reunited with worried owners, sometimes after months or years.  The small one-off amount a chip costs becomes priceless if a lost pet comes home.

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