Fiordiliso Amun Isus, 32b2 Chocolate Tortie Point

Born 23rd Mar 2012

Parents Grand-Parents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents

CH Karamushi Cheeky Chester

32a, Red Point

Kingshaven New Edition

24, Seal Point

Kingshaven Mischevious Imp24b, Chocolate Point CH Kingshaven Jackofhearts
32c, Cream Point
CH Dazzling Temptations
32b3, Chocolate Tortie Point
CH Kingshaven Sweetlauralee24, Seal Point Flutterby Fancyto Flight
24, Seal Point
Dazzling Why Rebekah
32/1, Seal Tabby Point

Legsby Someonespecial

32b1, Seal Tortie Point

GR CH Whinnothedale Rockin Robyn32a, Red Point GR CH Johpas Trickortreat
32a, Red Point
CH Loluja Pickettywitch
32b1, Seal Tortie Point
Babadag Magic Moment32/1, Seal Tabby Point UK GR CH Littlefeat Red Corvette
32a, Red Point
Cimos Naughty Natalie
32c, Cream Point

Fiordiliso Chana

37e, Black Tortie

IMP GR CH Fiordiliso Infidelity

29, Havana

IMP GR CH Shadowsquad Infidelity29, Havana Fiordiliso Cimmonds
24k, Cinamon Point
Fiordiliso Pistols Atdawn
29, Havana
Ginnistam Fiordilisa24, Seal Point GR CH Sunjade Soda
24c, Lilac Point
Ginnistam Shauri
38, Spotted Tabby

Fiordiliso Wichita

48 40e, Seal Tortie Point & White Bicolour

Firousi Fortunehunter48 40, Seal Point & White Bicolour Firousi Fouquet
48 40, Seal Point & White Bicolour
Applejack Affaire De Coueur
48 40, Seal Point & White Bicolour
Stenic Cielo Macchiato32b2, Blue Tortie Point INT CH Arhantin Erlkonig of Mariol’s
24a, Blue Point
Applejack Bedazzled
32fn, Apricot Point

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