TPOSCC, 4th Dec 2010

Open Class

Oriental Caramel Kitten, Mrs J Frances-Wilson

1st Bob Kyomi Kalyani

“A further quality kitten – a very pretty little person of lovely type. Very nice head with moderate slightly pinched wedge. Very good top between large open ears set well. Bite level (teething), chin firm, profile showing typical “baby” bumps. Well set and shaped eyes of slightly muddy green tone. Long body a bit round in the tummy department, proportionate slim limbs with dainty paws and tapered tail to balance. Coat slightly “kitten” texture soft and fine, nicely short in length. Its colour a touch indeterminate appearing to be a darkish lilac rather than brownish grey with pinkish lilac nose leather and paw pads.

However given her tender age and the unkind hall light I gave her the benefit of doubt. Later when I saw her breeding I was confident that I had made the appropriate decision. Lovely condition and beautifully presented.”

GCCF Report

Side Classes

AV Debutante Kitten Female, Mr C Dryden

1st Furryface Sacajewa (32/1)
2nd Kyomi Kalyani (37n)
3rd Karamushi Mothersecret (32B1)

AV Novice Kitten, Mr H Meekings

3rd KYOMI KALYANI  (37n, F)


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