Merseyside 4th June 2011

Open Classes

Oriental Caramel Adult, Mr J Hansson

1st, CC BOB Kyomi Kalyani

“Still to grow up a little more & extremely worried, which is a pity as she is actually very pleasing. Head when she relaxes a little very good, the lines even if marginally fine on the muzzle, very good profile, quite a good chin, bite good. Tends to swivel her ears a little but these are well set & wide at the base when she relaxes a little, very good larger size. Eyes a good green tone, oriental shaped, pleasing slant, very apprehensive expression. Slender body still quite fine, but in keeping with her young age, fine legs, tiny paws, fine whip like tail. Her coat could be a little shorter that aside it was very close lying & sleek, satiny texture. Colour a cool sludgy tone of brownish blue taupe, very even & sound. Condition was excellent, pity she is so very tense & worried. “

GCCF Report

Seal-Point Kitten, Mrs B Pearce

1st Bob Amun Queenisis

“What a very precocious little miss attitude – quite full of herself she was! Very striking at first sight but she does have a few problems at the moment. Lovely strength of head with very large wide based and widely flared ears – set a touch low and with the odd tendency to bonnet. Profile not quite straight – still has a tiny depression over her forehead. Deep firm chin, lovely straight line nose to chin, level bite. Oriental eyes – very expressive but looked to be more dark charcoal grey than true blue (my reason for withholding BOB). Long slender body, beautifully toned. Dainty legs and feet. Long whip tail. Points dense and very dark – a touch black toned in places. Superb coat for length and texture, virtually clear of shading and surprisingly warm in tone given the points colour. She was beautifully presented and in excellent condition.”

GCCF Report

Side Classes

AC Debutant Cat, Mrs V Kilby

1st Kyomi Kalyani (37n, F)

Abs Hemlock Dolly Mixture (37g, F)

AC Maiden Cat, Mr C Dryden

1st Pippastro Chi-Wow-Wow (62/43ps, F)

2nd Kyomi Kalyani (37m, F)

Abs Mizpahs Crackerjacl (29, M)

Abs Hemlock Dolly Mixture (37g, F)

AC Breeders Kitten, Mrs B Pearce

1st Amun Queenisis (24, F)

Abs Shimileeta Daydreambeliever (32/1, M)

AC Kitten 6 months 1 day – 9 months, Mrs S Hamilton

1st Amun Queenisis (24, F)

AC Special Limit, Mr C Druden

1st Amun Queenisis (24, F)


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