Northern Siamese 9th April 2011

Best in Show

Best Male Kitten – Furryface Mario LS
Best Female Kitten and Best Kitten – Amun Queenisis

Open Classes

Seal-point Kitten Male, Mrs D Brown

1st BoB Furryface Mario LS
2nd Mardet Tuxedo
3rd Foxypaws Bentley

Seal-point Kitten Female, Mrs D Brown

1st Amun Queenisis

“My first impression of this gorgeous little girl was that this would be my BOB winner. She has the most lovely head with butterfly ears beautifully set and they stay that way however she moves. Very good eye shape set and expression, but the colour is not particularly good, it is quite dark, but  is almost grey rather than blue in tone, and I took her to the daylight to be sure. Baby dips to profile at present, good chin and level bite. Points colour very dark dense and rather on the black side of seal.  Good coat for length and texture, still to clear of baby shading by the look of it. A very poised you miss, so very sure of herself.  Congratulation on the Best Kitten win.   Excellently presented.”

GCCF Report

Side Classes

Siamese Breeder’s Kitten Female, Mrs B Pearce

1st Amun Queenisis (24)
2nd Velvetena Fawntocaptivate (24r)

AC Limit Kitten M or F

1st Amun Queenisis (24, F)
2nd Foxypaws Morgan (24b, MN)
3rd Toghar Anastasia (32b2, F)

Seal or Blue-Point Siamese Kitten M or F

1st Amun Queenisis (24, F)
2nd Furryface Mario LS (24, M)
3rd Foxypaws Bentley (24, M)


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