Humberside 9th July 2011

Open Classes

Oriental Caramel Male, Dr B Bennett

1st CC Dedannan Tresure-Me

Oriental Caramel Female, Dr B Bennet

1st CC BOB Kyomi Kalyani

“Youngster of lovely type with a long even wedge, crowned by large, flaring ears and featuring oriental inclined eyes of olive green. Profile almost straight, good depth of chin, level bite. Had had e substantial elevenses by the time we met her. Slender limbs, tail might be a little longer for balance. Silken smooth coat, sound greyish brown shade. Attractive.”

GCCF Report

Side Classes

AC Oriental Non-Breeders Adult, Dr Bennett

1st Kyomi Kalyani (37n, F)

2nd Bardson Chikuaiorlando (37fn, M)

– Ch Westgarth Batoutofhell (37, M)

– Dedannan Tresure-Me

Abs Fanny Ardent Des Mages D’Emeraudes (48 40, F)

AC Oriental Junior Adult, Mrs Starr

1st Hemlock Tickled Pink (37fn, F)

2nd Kyomi Kalyani (37n, F)

3rd Meesona My-Delight (48 40b, F)

– Ch Westgarth Batoutofhell (37, M)

– Gelcune Blacklace (37, F)


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