Lincolnshire 9th July 2011

Open Classes

Oriental Caramel Male, Mrs D Harper

1st CC Dedannan Tresure-Me

Oriental Caramel Female, Mrs D Harper

1st CC BOB Kyomi Kalyani

“A very pretty girl of good type, she has a large, neat wedge head, wide top and huge well set ears, straight profile, firm chin and level bite, green eyes of oriental shape and set, long firm body, long legs and oval paws, long tapering tail. Short, fine, pinkish caramel coat. A sweet girl well presented in excellent condition.”

GCCF Report

Side Classes

AC Oriental non-breeders Adult, Mrs J STar

1st Kyomi Kalyani (37n, F)

2nd Dedannan Tresure-Me (37n, M)

3rd Bardson Chikuaiorlando (37fn, M)

Abs Fanny Ardent Des Mages D’Emeraudes (48 40, F)

AC Oriental Junior Adult, Mrs G Denny

1st Bardson Chikuaiorlando (37fn, M)

2nd Ch Firousi Smoking Gun (48 42, M)

3rd Kyomi Kalyani (37n, F)

– Ch Westgarth Batoutofhell (37, M)

– Hemlock Tickled Pink (37fn, F)


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