Siamese Breed Numbers

All pedigree cats have a breed number which indicates not only what type of cat it is (Siamese, Oriental, Burmese etc.) but what colour it is. Here are the breed numbers for Siamese cats. Unlike other breeds there is no differentiation between the different Tabby patterns:

Color Solid-Point Tabby-Point
Seal 24 32/1
Blue 24a 32/2
Chocolate 24b 32/3
Lilac 24c 32/4
Cinnamon 24k 32/7
Fawn 24r 32/9
Caramel 24n 32/8
Red 32a 32/5
Cream 32c 32/6
Apricot 32fn 32/10
Seal Tortie 32b1 32t1
Blue Tortie 32b2 32t2
Chocolate Tortie 32b3 32t3
Lilac Tortie 32b4 32r4
Cinnamon Tortie 32b7 32t7
Fawn Tortie 32b9 32t9
Caramel Tortie 32b8 32t8

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